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Humixol is blend of high quality Super potassium humate and plant growth promoting organic materials. It is a Natural soil conditioner and yield enhancer. It provides essential plant nutrients like potassium and growth promoting molecules such Humic & fulvic acids. It will help plants to uptake more nutrients which are available in soil and enhances the plan growth and yield

  • Benifits:
    • • Enhances Yield: Stimulate seed germination and viability. Improve root mass and growth which results in higher yield and quality produce.
    • • Soil conditioning: Promotes the soil structure formation by increasing the soil micro flora, increases soil water holding capacity and cation exchange and improve soil aeration. It also increases resistance of plant against Biotic and abiotic stress.
    • • Maximum utilization of fertilizers: Potassium exists in this product itself and enhances the availability of other nutrients from soil and increases the nutrient uptake capability of the plants thus results in good growth and higher yield.
    • • Acts as chelating and buffering agents: Improves soil structure and prevent nutrient leach out from soil thus protect plants from drastic changes in pH.
    • • Enhances the fruits and vegetables Size, Shape, texture and quality


Soil application: 1 – 2 Kg per acre.Mix with organic manure, FYM, Vermi compost or traditional N.P.K fertilizers.
Drip irrigation: 500 gm – 1 kg per acre through drip irrigation system.
Seed treatment: Use 4 – 6 gm of Humixol per kg seed.
Foliar application: 2 gm per litre water

1 kg packing available
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