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ProZyme is a novel, innovative and revolutionary biotechnological product derived from specific type of seaweed and other biological inputs like Amino acids, Fulvic acid and Humic acid along with the nutrients Ca, Mg, S derived from natural sources. ProZyme enhances cell division, cell elongation, membrane formation, delayed senescence, increased chlorophyll contents & its fluorescence, mobilization of nutrients and control of apical dominance thus results in healthy plant growth & higher yields.

  • Benefits:
    • • Increases micro and macro nutrients uptake by the plant thus results in healthy growth and higher yields.
    • • Enhances beneficial microbial activity in the soil.
    • • Improves the soil texture and water holding capacity by soil conditioning.
    • • Increases productivity and yield by multiplying the photosynthesis activity.
    • • Increases the resistance power of plant against biotic and abiotic stress.
    • • Enhances the fruits and vegetables Size, Shape, texture and quality.


Soil Application:10 Kg per acre.

10 kg, 25 Kg packing available

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