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Farmigo's Amino-40

Farmigo’s AMINO- 40 is a concentrated organic Biostimulant based on amino acids and hydrolysed protein. Itacts as natural complexing agent and improve nutrient uptake from both the soil and foliar applications with trace elements. It is widely used as a foliar fertilizer in combination with other water-soluble fertilizers and with almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficiency.

  • Benefits:
    • • Improves the plant energy balance.
    • • Has a positive influence on the plant's protein synthesis.
    • • Provides amino acids for immediate resorption by the crop.
    • • Increases nutrient uptake as a natural chelating and complexing agent.
    • • Improves stress tolerance of plants against drought, salt, cold and heat
    • • Increases the overall yield performance of diverse crops.
    • • Increases the biomass production and fruit yield.
    • • mproves fertilizer efficiency.


• Drip irrigation: 1 - 2 Litre per acre.

• Foliar application: 2 – 3 ml. per Litre water with proper coverage.

Packing:1 Litre, 5 Litres, 50 Litres & 200 Litres

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