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EDTA Chelated Zn-12%

EDTA Chelated Zn consisting of Zinc metals, is guaranteed 100% “Chelated” with EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid), it is used in agriculture foliar spary to overcome Zinc deficiency in plants and to obtain healthy growth and higher yields.

  • Benefits:
    • • It activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins for ensuring seed quality and uniform maturity.
    • • Helps in the formation of chlorophyll and some carbohydrates.
    • • Helps in the conversion of starches to sugars and its presence in plant tissue helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures.
    • • Helps in the formation of auxins which help with growth regulation and stem elongation.


Drip irrigation:0.5 - 1 Kg per acre.
Foliar application:1 gm – 2.0 gm per liter water

Standard Bulk packing - 25 Kg bags
Contact us for customised packing

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